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New Investments – Renewable Energy Projects

The use of renewable energy resources is a sustainable and ecologically sensible alternative to traditional means of power production. Many European countries have implemented incentive programs to increase the production of energy from renewable resources. Such incentive programs differ from country to country, from fixed tariffs for a defined term (feed–in tariffs), minimum quotas for production of energy from renewable resources for domestic users (Green Certificates) to investment incentives and various combinations thereof.

Due to the attractiveness of some incentive programs, the market is facing a large number of projects and only a limited number of debt and equity providers for renewable energy projects.

The professional structuring, a meaningful financial model for the project, as well as the knowledge of the most suitable debt providers and equity investors in accordance with criteria such as country of origin, renewable energy source, project size, development phase, time to completion, etc. are the most critical factors for the successful implementation of any renewable energy project.

Babcock & Brown provides the professional modeling and description of renewable projects in bankable format, establishes contact with suitable debt and equity investors and coordinates the negotiations with a view to maximize the revenue from our clients’ projects in the following areas:

  • Wind
  • Photovoltaic
  • Hydro-power
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal

Our experts provide support for projects located in the regions of Western Europe as well as CEE⁄ SEE. The clients of Babcock & Brown benefit from our long–standing experience and comprehensive network of relevant RES market experts.