Babcock & Brown Member of the Heinrich & Mortinger Group of Companies

Babcock & Brown Austria
Karlsgasse 14/8
1040 Vienna
T: +43 1 504 8872
F: +43 1 2081448

Business Activities

Babcock & Brown provides advisory and consultancy services with respect to the structuring, tender, coordination, negotiation, documentation and management of all types of corporate-, project- and asset based finance transactions. Our services extend to dealing and communicating with all contractual partners, authorities, lawyers, accountants, auditors and technical consultants.

The services of Babcock & Brown are focused on the selection of the appropriate financial products, the strategic choice of suitable financial institutions and investors, and the successful implementation of the appropriate financings in accordance with the goals of our clients. Our project, lease- and asset management services focus on applying our skills to commercial and contractual leasing structures as well as remarketing management for assets under leases or similar financings.

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